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Checklists, Checklists, Checklists

From one checklist maker/user to another... this is what I have figured out along the way.

I LOVE paper, and having a hand-written check list is so fulfilling when you cross off each item, but when your day is filled with task after task being added to your checklist it can be overwhelming.

I also once was a proud owner of a Franklin Covey day planner and learned the process to prioritize and carry-over tasks from day to day.

I have had working sessions with colleagues to determine how they prioritize their work and set aside their top-5 tasks for the day that MUST get done before they go home.

I have looked through countless applications for lists and task sharing... and what I have found that works for me is a combination. Go figure; I am as complicated as the world around me. :)

I use paper lists for groceries and short to-do lists or even the beginning of a larger checklist.

For my daily, weekly, monthly activities... I have found that I prefer an application called Wunderlist that I have uploaded and synced across all of my devices (phones and PCs). I am able to make sub-lists for Personal lists, Work lists, Volunteer lists, and so many more. You can add others to your lists so if you want your significant other to work a task, easy-peasy... as long as they also download the application AND use it. (My husband has not joined the ranks and therefore I have tasks assigned to him that he doesn't know about and doesn't complete.)

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